Mellowtek, Inc | iHeartRadio
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For fans of music and radio who need a mobile music platform, iHeartRadio is a service that is easy to use. The goal was to create a frictionless streaming experience that Customers love. iHeartRadio offers the best of live radio, personal custom artist stations and expert human curation throughout their content offerings, as well as a 360 degree music experience for fans.
As Sr Director of Design, I was brought in to create initiatives to meet these goals and refine an aging 5 year old premium mobile product. My role included managing and mentoring a dozen designers who in turn owned 54 different digital products across six different consumer electronic categories.
My mandates were to develop a consistent User Experience across products and allow for Customers to maintain their preferences, regardless of the app being used.
I also led the product strategy initiatives to create a video business that would live adjacent to the audio player.


iHeartRadio, in-house




Creative, Digital