CenturyLink Product Strategy
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CenturyLink Product Strategy

CenturyLink Product Strategy

What if you were in the business of buying up legacy technology and were trying to revamp for the new millennium?
CenturyLink was such a company. Born out of the consolidation of several, regional wire-line telcos, including Sprint’s old wireline business, Centurylink sought to move rural US communications into the 21st century.
Many rural neighborhoods suffered from a combination of poor or non-existent high speed internet or exorbitant pricing with little value.
With my help, CenturyLink changed this by focusing on User needs.
I led Product Development and Customer Experience resulting in the redesign of the customer portal, and led Bain and Accenture in the development of a new slate of small and medium business opportunities.


Mellowtek as lead agency for CenturyLink Bain and Accenture for SMB Business Strategy Small Demons as Design Agency


CenturyLink Telecommunications




Design, Digital, Marketing, Product, User Experience