SCION Brand Launch
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SCION Brand Launch

SCION Brand Launch

Mellowtek and its precursor, Fresh*Machine, were the first agencies to work with Toyota in the development of Toyota’s SCION brand division.

As Fresh*Machine’s co-founder and Creative Director, Wyndham led all branding efforts for creating the SCION mark, created the digital launch campaigns and site and developed the identity for Toyota.

The Toyota brand was known for reliable cars that were the choice of your parents. Toyota needed a fresh start and desperately needed an infusion of energy from their product line and customer base and hence SCION was born.
Birthed in Toyota’s garage in a small start-up on the Toyota campus, the Genesis marketing division was an innovation lab for experimenting with new ideas.
SCION was the evolution of the premise that car buyers would buy on emotion, fixed pricing and attitude. With Mellowtek, Toyota embarked on a mission to give drivers smart, practical cars that never sacrificed fun.

Over 1M Scions were sold in North America.




FreshMachine: Wyndham Chow, CD James Reitano, Digital Art Director Scott Herskovitz, Logo Art Director




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